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Swaziland College Of Technology

Swaziland College of Technology (SCOT) is a government entity under the Ministry of Education and Training. SCOT is to maintain its position as the principal institution of higher level in Technical plus Vocational Education and Training in Swaziland. It is dedicated to providing and facilitating high quality training and learning in technology and business studies in collaboration with the Commercial, Industrial and Public Sectors. The aim is to enhance the development and expansion of the economy for the properity of the Swazi Nation within the SADC region. Besides "we are looking to the future"..

"Students choose S.C.O.T because it offers a diverse spectrum of courses. S.C.O.T offers courses that meet an individual's future career aspirations and also yield company favourite Graduates due to its vocational nature of lecturing. I would advice students intending to study at S.C.O.T that they should work very hard in ENGLISH, MATHEMATICS, SCIENCES, CORMMERCIALS (economics, accounts, commerce and business studies), FOOD & NUTRITION for entry requirements. TECHICAL SUBJECTS (woodwork, metalwok and technical drawing ) gives you an added advantage but not really compulsory for minimum requirements. Depending on the course you want to choose, the number of credits vary but 6 credits is a healthy position to be in."

"I personally wish you the best as you apply for a space @ SCOT, together lets look to the future"

Yours Sincerely

G. S. Mdluli
Acting Principal